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We love adult videos, and pretty sure most people do. The trick is to find the type of adult videos that you enjoy most, and to find the places that can provide them to you the way you want to enjoy them. If you want to enjoy blu ray adult videos on your hdtv, then you are probably going to prefer the adult blu ray discs. If you prefer to get your videos on demand and on your TV, then you have several other options.

There are channels with most cable companies and satellite tv providers that offer adult videos either on demand or via premium subscription options. We prefer newer options for enjoying from porn and erotica. Hooking up a computer or laptop, or even one of the new boxxeee system, or similar devices can get you premium HD quality videos from the internet at very reasonable prices, and you have a much bigger selection of videos to enjoy 24 hours a day.

So get the internet to your HDTV, use an hdmi cable if you can. Once you are getting internet video onto your HD TV or monitor, you can choose to get adult videos on demand from a variety of sources. We suggest considering the following sites:

Adult Videos

Adult Videos on Demand

Of course you can also just can a large HD monitor for your computer or laptop and use that. Broadband internet connection is definitely recommend.

Make sure your computer video card can support the HD resolution. You need a monitor or TV that is capable of at LEAST 720p – pref-ably 1080p. But you also need to make sure that the video card inside your computer or laptop can go the highest resolution recommended by the monitor / tv manufacturer (typically something like 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution).

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